North Park

Located at the north end of our community, adjacent to Single Family Homes, this tree lined 3 acres of open space is surrounded by its own walkway. The planter area of this park, in its south section, contains a variety of flowering plants. Residents enjoy shady seating in this beautiful setting.

Middle Park

Middle Park, on the eastern side of our community, winds a grassy, serpentine path north and south, next to the Claremont Tennis Club. It passes by both Single Family and Courtside Townhomes, and ends to the north at the Club Terrace HOA. Shady and sunny seating is available to enjoy.

South Park

Located at the south end of our community, this tree lined open space has several huge sycamore trees and several 100 year oak trees, in addition to a winding path through its 3 acres of grass and trees. Its planter areas are mainly filled with a variety of drought tolerant plants.


Single Family Homes, Vista Townhomes, and Courtside Townhomes


This area of townhomes, located in the south-east section of our community, is comprised of three cul-de-sac’s, mature landscaping and lovely pathways.


This area of townhomes, located in the north-east section of our community, has its own mature trees, lush greenbelts, and a perimeter tree-lined walkway.


These homes, built in a variety of different sizes and floor plans, include one and two-story versions. Many of these homes front or back to the community’s beautiful North Park.


Architectural Application
This form is used for any external modifications to your home. If you are thinking of painting, putting in a fence or walkway, adding a room, a new roof, or anything that changes the exterior appearance of your home, you will need approval from the Architectural Committee and the Board (which is rarely denied).
Ethics Policy Form
All elected and appointed Committee members (including the Board of Directors) must sign this form that explains and defines their roles as representing other member homeowners in their Committee-related decisions and demeanor. This form is renewed each year for each Committee member.
Vista Assigned Parking Application
In the Vista development area, there are spaces designated for rental. Terms are either for 3 months or 6 months. If you would like to request one of these spaces, please complete this form. Once completed, please contact the Vista Committee.
Western Gate Activation Request
If you are a member of The Claremont Club and would like to access through the gate on the east end of Davenport Circle, for a one-time fee of $75 ($150 if you live in Club Terrace) you can be granted access permissions. Simply click on the form name above to fill it out online or right-click to download the form to your computer.
Renter’s Declaration Form
Whenever you have renters in your unit, they must adhere to the CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations. If there are violations, you, the homeowner, are responsible. For your protection, please have them complete this form and turn in a copy to our management company.
Website Update Request
If you represent one of the Committees for the HOA, you may submit a request to update information on the HOA Website, "https://theclubhoa.org
Listing of Plants and Landscape Request Form
The Board of Directors (BOD) and/or the Landscape Committee (LC) reserve the right to request additional information for clarification on this form.
Request for Tree Trimming or Removal
The 400+ trees located in the HOA common areas are regularly maintained under contract with our landscape maintenance contractor. This includes trimming and removal on a schedule that is consistent with maintaining safety, health of the tree, and appearance. It includes removal when necessary. If you have a tree on your property or Common Area that you want trimmed or removed at your cost, you can request it be done at the contracted rates from our contractor.
Courtside Temporary Parking Permit
On all of the private streets in the Courtside area, you may request a temporary non-resident overnight parking permit when a guest will be parking more that (3) consecutive nights. This form must be submitted and approved in advance of extended parking in any lined guest parking spaces on Albany Ct., Mankato Ct., and Chattanooga Ct.
Common Use Area Request Form
If you want to host an event in one of our Common park areas such as a reunion or birthday party, you must complete this form.
Volunteer Form
We always have needs for homeowners to become involved in various appointments and temporary committees (such as Elections Inspectors). Put in your name and availability and we'll find a place where you can help.
Board/Committee Communication and Email Notification Request
If you would like to communicate with the Board or specific committee or be notified via email of official HOA correspondence such as Board Agendas and authorized Board communications please contact Seabreeze Management


These are the documents on file with the California Secretary of State authorizing the establishment of the corporation and the IRS provisions under which it operates.
This is the "constitution" for the HOA and governs how it must operate under state and local laws
These are the rules that govern the conduct of the Board and its committees.
This document contains the tools used by the Board and the Committees to enforce the CC&Rs.

This document contains the Election Rules.

This document contains the Landscape Rules.

This document contains the Vista Rules.
This document governs the policies and procedures followed by the Board as allowed by the CC&Rs

This document is about the Records and Retention Policy.
For Townhome (Courstside and Vista) homeowners, this is a matrix that shows what elements in your unit is covered by the HOA and what is homeowner responsibility.
Townhome owners (Courtside and Vista) should be aware of what insurance coverage the HOA provides and what insurance they should carry to cover
Water Intrusion Policy- Courtside and Vista Members - Download the policy
General Session Minutes : click to download pdf
01.05.23 _General Session Minutes : click to download pdf
02.02.23_General Session Minutes : click to download pdf
03.02.23_General Session Minutes : click to download pdf
05.04.23_General Session Minutes : click to download pdf
06.08.23_General Session Minutes : click to download pdf
07.06.23_General Session Minutes : click to download pdf
08.03.23_General Session Minutes : click to download pdf
09.07.23_General Session Minutes : click to download pdf


The grounds at The Club HOA are integral to the beauty and value of this property. Keeping our grounds beautiful requires careful planning and execution. Each year, our Common Area Landscape Committee (CALC) develops a Common Area Landscape Priority List and Planting Plan. For more information on the plans for next year, please click here.


The Club HOA is comprised of 309 homes (single family and townhomes combined) and has more than 7 acres of green spaces and parks. The HOA has an elected Board of Directors, several elected and appointed committees and a management company hired by the Board to take care of day to day activities. This website is maintained for the benefit of the homeowners as but one means to communicate with each other and our Management company, Sea Breeze Management, Inc.